Thursday, March 26, 2015

That Rabid Barking is the New Perräs Salvajes LP

Madrid Punks Perräs Salvajes were nice enough to ask if we'd go in on this community release.  I was happy to say yes to the proposition and the result is a rad LP in a gatefold sleeve.  This was released in Spain and is the result of a hard working band plus fourteen little labels.  All black vinyl and 666 pressed in hell in honor of the end of time that's around the corner.  The fallout from the social collision of punk with metal.  Grab a copy and take it to your grave!

Wholesale is $10 per LP.  These are available here in the USA from me.

Europeans get in touch with Proukouskaya Records.  They can point you in a direction.

Monday, November 24, 2014







This is BHL18.  A split 7" between two bands from Helsinki.  Another release done in Finland by the much more active arm of the label.  A good pairing here, from two bands not exactly alike, but like enough to make a nice couple.  Cold Institution appear on this record in their second release.  This is the debut for the Apathetics.  You can check  the links to get a feel for it and then decide for yourself.  This is a pressing of 300 on black vinyl.

Useless Cunts LP

Useless Cunts is Finnish Hardcore  

Helsinki hardcore group Useless Cunts includes members of some other bands that may be familiar, such as Diskelmä and Lapinpolthajat.  This is a cooperative release done with our pal Hakaniemi Hardcore and Rapina Records.  There are 300 pressed on black vinyl.  Includes lyric sheets with English translations.  

Order in the USA from Bad Hair Life's store or get in touch with Paha Tukka Elämä Levyt in Finland.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Maailmanloppu + Kuudes Silmä US West Tour 2014

Kuudes Silmä and Maailmanloppu will be touring the US West this summer.  Check them out.  Fly, walk, hop a train, steal a horse if you have to.  It will be worth getting hung for!

Details below:

7 - Galveston (Paradise Beach Bar)
8 - Houston (Mango's) w/ Fugitive Family & The Secret Prostitutes
9 - San Antonio (Poorcore HQ) w/ The Zukinis & Los Sheilaquiles
10 - Austin (Hotel ...Vegas) w/ Criaturas & Detestados
11 - Las Cruces (Trainyard) w/ Blank Pages (Germany)
12 - Las Vegas (The Sandhill House)
13 - Los Angeles (5 Star Bar) w/ Volver (Guatemala), Generacion Suicida & La Èqui
14 - Oakland (Night Light) w/ Crimson Scarlet & Interior 27
15 - Eureka (The Ink Annex) w/ Kohosh & Shit Rag
16 - Portland (The Know) w/ Arctic Flowers
17 - Seattle (Highline Bar) w/ Ritual Addict & Bad Sect
18 - OPEN
19 - Salt Lake City (Gino's) w/ Rendan Terror & Sugar Bone
20 - Denver (Hamsterdam) w/ Negative Degree
21 - OPEN
22 - Denton (JJ's Pizza) w/ Parantumaton, Collick & Slimy Member
23 - Houston (Cabaret Voltaire IV) w/ punk bands!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Käpykaarti Elämäntehävä EP

Front and Back of the new Käpykaarti Elämäntehävä EP released by the band and our label in Finland.  Once more, I am very proud to help them do a release and thankful to have been asked.  There is a spirit here that makes me think about Native America in some ways.  There is a frustration felt for humanity's practice of irresponsibly and selfishly harvesting natural resources and putting value on material objects that really have no fulfilling purpose.  The lyrics are to the point; written to be shouted and shouted to be heard.      

Unfortunately, these records did not arrive until one week after the band finished a European tour.  Blame record store day.    

This is available from Paha Tukka Elämä in Finland and should be available here in the US in a few weeks.  You can also contact the band.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Helsinki band Cold Institution have released it's first EP on Bad Hair Life Records.  When I first heard the demo tracks they did, I commented that I really liked the bass.  I guess so, since this is a double bass band.  Hypnotic sounding music, if music is cool to enjoy again.  The creation of something to lull you into a nightmare.  

"The tracks on this remind me of something I would have heard on a late night radio show when I was younger or maybe on Night Flight, before the PC (when science still equaled death) or maybe today, say returning from a commercial break on Coast to Coast AM.  Or driving by Chuck E. Cheese at 3 AM and avoiding the cops.  Or something else; a transmission that is partially dissected across the airwaves by weather static.  At least, static would set the mood; like the beginning of a Mystic Moods LP.  When you can't write, a review like this occurs." - Larry

All black vinyl.  All great songs! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our latest and quickest release to date!  The DARFÜR / AUTUUS? - Split E.P.  This is BHL16.  

One more in a series of releases that we have done in Finland.  Keep watching for another US release and it'll come, but lately everything has been happening in the colder part of the world for us.  This one is another cooperative release, this time with Filthy Rat Records and our close comrade Hakaniemi Hardcore.  These things are great when they work out.  This one was no sweat, since the bands did all the work, which is something I am very thankful for! 

Copies are available from  Paha Tukka Elämä Levyt in Helsinki.  Write for more information.

And get behind these bands!